Styling Knee High Socks

She Said:
I decided to wear something I do not normally wear but love the look of; knee high socks worn with open toe heels. These simple black knee high socks have a little texture and remind me of a school uniform yet playfully fashionable. I would normally pair this with an ankle bootie like this, but I chose these fabulous Eve Jessica Simpson Platforms instead, that he gifted me last year. The embossed lace looking print and bow make for a cute heel to wear shopping, girl’s night out or dressing up. With the socks and heels set, I picked a cognac skater faux leather skirt from Forever 21. I gravitate toward black when I wear this, but brown and black do look well together. I chose to wear this Phillip Lim for Target peplum blouse with sparkle detailing on the collar because I didn’t want to tuck in a blouse. I wanted a sleek look and this top has crisp lines so it works. Shoedazzle has amazing purses and this top handle bag in cognac is one of my favorites. I added my black pea coat, which is simple and keeps me warm in this 40 degree weather, I know not that cold for some of you, but it is if you grew up in LA. I like the simplicity black brings, it is dramatic without over doing it. Do you like knee high socks? Have you checked out my "shop" site too?
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He Said:
Here comes sexy school girl all grown up and it looks amazing. I don’t know about these heels with this outfit but I cannot say too many bad things about them because I purchased them.  The socks give this outfit that school girl feel, but the skirt gives it a grown up sex appeal. I absolutely love this skirt, skirts in general are hot but pleather or leather skirts take it to a new level. The jacket is perfect and the black top blends into the background nicely. She also did a great job picking a bag that actually goes with the outfit.

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