Shark Attack Loves... // Céline Color Block Coat

CélineColorBlockCoat© Tumblr 

I'm usually one to avoid winter clothes as long as possible and I'm rarely starstruck by a winter garment. But when I saw this stunning coat by Céline all over F/W '13 Fashion Weeks, I had a hard time (color) blocking it from my mind. I managed to succeed eventually, until I was clicking around on Tumblr just recently. Winter has started, which means that everyone on Tumblr is sharing their winter inspiration at high speed. So there it was again, haunting my dreams night after night. 

If I've done my research correctly, this coat is from the F/W '12 collection; which means that it will probably be a mission impossible to still get my hands on one. I already checked Ebay and the only one that was available is already sold. 

What do you think about this coat? Thumbs up or maybe too much?
If you know any other options (lookalikes, no copies) regarding this coat, please let me know!

x Krizia


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