Plush Sweater and Sequins

She Said:

This look is so me! A little casual, all fun and tons of sparkle, makes me smile as I write. I love the mixing of textures and this is a perfect look for Christmas eve. I first picked this super fun sequin dress that has short sleeves and a flirty bottom half. It has a navy blue underlay with thousands of sequins which glisten as I walk and looks super chic with a sweater on top. I added this argyle grey cashmere like sweater, it is casually tasteful. Find tons of sweaters from J. Crew here. I know it seems like a lot of grey, but I personally love this color, it blends nicely with any jewels. My necklace is from Brina Box who has a great sale going on, stocking stuffers! I paired this with my purple suede heels by Guess. They bring out the darker colors from the necklace and my burgundy lipstick by Covergirl. I added a brooch clip in my hair and had to bring out my purple Phillip Lim for Target tote. Purple and grey, look fabulous together, adding some sparkle just make looks more playful during the holidays. 

He Said:

This outfit is so weird; I do not get it at all. So was she wearing a sequin dress but then it got to cold so she threw a sweater over it? Either way it doesn’t explain the ridiculously large bag she decided to grab. Knowing that this look was intentional makes it even stranger to me, why so many different textures and colors. I guess to fit in with the whole odd attire she found the largest bag in her closet to really add the icing on the dry cake. It is all nice clothing but together it is throwing me off and I don’t like how it looks.


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