New // Supertrash 'Armer' Boots

The search is over! I've been looking for the perfect winter boots for ages and I finally found them at Supertrash yesterday. My parents and I went to Maastricht and I wanted to go for a pair of black Uggs, but thank God that we visited the Supertrash-store first.

To me, the perfect boots that are comfy, warm and will get me through the snow this winter. Uggs are comfy and warm, but they get ruined easily when it's snowing. I prefer to wear them inside or during fall and winter, when temperatures are dropping quickly but it's still snow free. The boots above fulfill all of my wishes. And I love how they embrace my calfs perfectly, another problem when it comes to finding a pair of well fitting boots.

These boots secretly make me feel like Katniss Everdeen. When I tried them on, I could already see myself as a Hunger Games-tribute. All I needed was a bow and arrows. Just kidding, I would probably be dead before I had even set one foot in that arena, but at least I'll survive winter now.

You can get the Supertrash 'Armer' boots HERE


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