Outfit // The Streets

Yes, it was freezing when we shot these pictures, but I'm still so not ready to wear turtlenecks and oversized sweaters all the time. Plus, how was I supposed to show you this awesome new shirt I got at the Zara men's department? Anything for the blog! 

The bold print caught my eye immediately and made my history loving heart go boom, boom, boom. See that statue in the middle? I've seen hundreds of ancient Greek and Roman statues and sculptures during my history education and I genuinely loved studying it. Except for the Middle Ages, that part of history caused me serious trauma, but I'm going to spare you the details. 

As for the shoes, I must admit that I've been a bad blogger and totally forgot about them. But it's not what you think! The PR people at Sacha were so kind to let me pick out a pair of shoes in May, but I had my ankle broken during that time. Then summer came and unless I wanted my feet to melt, wearing these sneakers wasn't an option. But now worries, 'cause they finally get the attention they deserve. They fit perfectly into this outfit, don't they?

What do you think about the graffiti in the background? Isn't it amazing? Some talented kids in my hometown decided to turn a couple of garages into a piece of art. They even included Michael Jackson! #Hero It's sad that graffiti gets frowned upon 99 % of the time, 'cause you can see how beautiful it can be if it's done with the right intensions. I don't approve of vandalism, just to make myself clear. 

Shirt: ZARA (MEN) // Pants: H&M // Shoes: Thanks to SACHA



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