Outfit // Tomboy

Most of you will probably be tired of seeing this sweater everywhere, but I'm just so happy that I finally managed to get my hands on it. After being worn by Rita Ora and Jourdan Dunn and named as one of Filles À Papa's it-items, the Tomboy sweaters and T-shirts became a highly coveted item in no time. Every time I found out they were back in stock, everyone else had already beat me to the punch. Highly frustrating, I must say... Two days ago, I saw a message pop up on the Facebook-page of Looks And Labels, saying that they had a limited amount of these sweaters in stock again. I immediately begged them to keep one for me, called my dad and dragged him to the Jeurrisen-store in Hasselt. Looks And Labels is the web shop of the Jeurissen-store, just so y'all know.

I usually hate winter clothes, but this sweater definitely passed the test -- so be prepared to see it glued to my body for the coming weeks / months. What do you think about it? I usually try to distance myself from blogger trends - no tartan prints or fluffy pink coats for me - but I don't see any harm in buying something you genuinely like, even if it was a trend among the bloggers. 

And, as promised... A different background! My best friend Dario and I were brainstorming on a location to shoot this outfit and decided to go to the woods. This place is only a 3 minute drive from my house and used to be a railway station. Since it's getting dark so early and fast these days, we had some trouble finding the right light, which affected the quality of these shots. I'm kinda bummed, since I really liked the setting. Oh well, there's always next time!

Sweater: FILLES À PAPA // Jeans: H&M // Wedges: MANGO



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