Oxblood Pencil Skirt

She Said:

When you have a long day, or feel a little down; one of the best things for me to do is dress up, because it makes me feel so much better, if I look presentable. I would wear this to a meeting or even out for dinner coming home from work, it is so versatile and skirts are classic yet chic all in one. This particular skirt courtesy of Dreamcoo.com has the color I love, a deep oxblood and the slit in the back with the white belt makes it dressier. I kept the rest of the look minimal, with a white chiffon blouse; here is one in emerald from Windsor. I adore the gold hardware on the sleeves and shape. I paired this with my pointed ankle strap Zara heels, yes they are black and I am wearing white and red, but they make such a statement and I didn’t want to have my shoes be plain, they needed to be bold like the skirt. I choose a basket weave Hobo Bags Lauren clutch and added these gifted emerald green Julie Vos chandelier earrings from Lucky Fabb.  I picked my black and white watch for some striped print c/o Lulus.com and topped it off with a cranberry lipstick from Cover Girl. I kept my hair stick straight with this modern look that has composition and color blocking. 

He Said:

Look at this professional looking sexy fox, she looks so attractive today it’s unbelievable. This is one of the rare occasions where her red lipstick actually looks great on her because of her skirt. I don’t care what anyone says skirts always look sexy; I have never seen a skirt I did not like. It’s really quite amazing how a skirt can make a women’s behind look so incredible. Her white top gives a nice clean separation between the reds, and her heels have that famous ankle strap that gets all the guys looking. Over all she has the sex appeal turned up to a 10 today, without losing her professionalism.


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