She Said His Turn… to be styled - Thanksgiving Special

He Said:

This outfit is really all about comfort, like most of my outfits, last seen here, comfort comes first, and then style. My favorite accessory is a watch. Rubr Watch Nation allows you to pick your face and strap color. They make great stocking stuffers and are incredibly light weight. It goes with this sweater because it is thick and the collar covers the back of my neck to keep me warm. The jeans I love because they really look like something much nicer than just denim. The shoes I have had forever and you guessed it these baby’s are made for comfort. I love this style of hats but I sometimes think I look like andy capps when I wear them so I tend to avoid them, except today. Overall this outfit feels classic and from what my girl says it doesn’t look bad either. Be sure to follow Rubr watch on Twitter and Facebook.

She Said:

I love a layered look, reminds me of holiday life time movie actors all dressed up. He wears it so well, especially the watch. The blue sweater brings out his eyes and it really is so nice to cuddle up in. His shoes are dressy but look comfortable and go well with a family gather, or night out. I like the polo shirt underneath and if any of your men need outfit ideas, here is one perfect for Thanksgiving.


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