New // Yeezy 77 By Les (Art)ists

It's been freezing outside for the past couple of days, so shooting my new T-shirt outside wasn't really an option. This picture will have to do for now -- forgive me!

I got this shirt at Stylesuite in Maastricht (a shop you absolutely must visit whenever you're around) and it's by Les (Art)ists. The brand was founded by a couple of friends in Paris in 2012 and has been busy conquering the world ever since. Inspired by American football jerseys, they decided to take the design and change the names on the back in to those of the world's top artists in the fashion, art and music business, while the numbers refer to the artist's birth year. Andy Warhol, Kendrick Lamar, Pharrell Williams, Alexander Wang... They're all in the Les (Art)ists' club! 

At first, I was in doubt between the (Raf) Simons and (Martin) Margiela shirts -- first class fashion blogger's problems. I then spotted this Yeezy version; Yeezy a.k.a. Kanye West's nickname. Even though I usually listen to rock music, I can most definitely appreciate Kanye's music. By the way, going for a fashion designer as a fashion blogger might be a tad too obvious, so enter Yeezy and exit Simons and Margiela. No hard feelings, I still love you. 

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What do you think about these shirts?

x Krizia


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