The Essential Plaid Shirt

She Said:

We all love plaid, it is a perfect print for fall and as the weather gets cooler and the leaves start to fall I instantly gravitate toward plaid. This button down plaid shirt from Charlotte Russe has greens and blues with a hint of tan that will go nicely under any coat! I decided to take this shirt and make it sort of a cover up, I paired it with a wicker belt also from Charlotte Russe. Underneath I chose my Nordstrom Rack teal tank that is simple and blends well with a statement necklace. This jade stone statement necklace found at Forever 21 is so chic and makes this plaid shirt a little more girlie. I love my flare denim jeans, so I had to remix these 7 for all Mankind with this look. They are a dark blue wash with a tailored cuff at the bottom. My boots are not shown, but they an ankle suede boot in black. Lastly,  this clutch from Urban Expressions matches the blue in my plaid top, funny how everything ends up looking like they were made for each other.

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He Said:

The belt makes this outfit, the only reason I am saying this is because I saw it before the belt and it’s horrible. Thankfully she has the belt and this strange outfit seems to look pretty good on her. I love her jeans and all the accessories with it but her two shirts really confused me at first. She has a nice formal button up under a plaid (I’m gonna help you fix your car) shirt. But strangely enough it seems to work, this makes the whole outfit great because it has the difference and unique side without being ugly.


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