Sequined Striped Tunic

She Said:
I enjoy fashion, because you can play with so many different prints, patterns, textures, colors and come up with unique ways of sharing this all. I decided to mix a coated material with a textured sequin fabric. It can be great for the holidays but also an everyday running errands type of look. This sequin striped white and taupe shirt was an amazing find at Forever 21, but Neiman Marcus has an exceptional one. I love the subtle glisten in the sun and it blends nicely with a colored pant. These are a burnt red coated pair of Rich and Skinny jeans, they are sold out but 7 for all Mankind has an identical pair that would be great for the season. I paired this with my amazing birthday present gifted from my brother and family! I love them! They are the Vamp-R Steve Madden flats in pewter. They look ultra sexy with skinny jeans so you can see the whole shoe covered in rhinestones. I knew this white and gold clover necklace would fit in, it adds a bit of separation from the loud top. I added my taupe Tory Burch clutch, it blends and is easy to walk around and won’t get to heavy. I kept my hair soft and straight and added a touch of burgundy lipstick by Covergirl. It is an easy going look, with a bit of sass to it. Do you like mixing different fabrics together? 
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He Said:
I love today’s outfit, it has a holiday feel to it but with structured style. Most “holiday” type outfits I see have no fashion sense and are rather quite ugly. Today she has great sparkle with silvers, whites and brunt red, all which are great for this time of year and look even more amazing on her. I like most guys and girls like sparkle and these shoes do that and then some, they are perfect for this outfit and really compliment her sweater. Her jeans add some separation and I even like her necklace mostly because it is not too over powering by being really heavy. It’s a sexy candy cane outfit  that really gets me in the spirit this time of year that is upon us, all while staying sexy, which I love.

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