Gradient Grey's

She Said:
Wishing you a very happy Thursday! It has been getting a bit chilly here in LA, so I decided to style a laid-back cozy look. I have always liked the color grey, in all gradients; this look shows different materials, fabrics and even glitter in grey tones. My sweater was a find at Nordstrom Rack, here is a cute quilted one from Nordstrom. I love the diamond pattern and how soft the fabric feels. It looks best with denim, so I chose my 7 for all Mankind “A” Pocket crystal pocket bootcut denim. The best part is the multi colored rhinestones on these 5 pocket jeans. My glitter striped espadrilles Enzo flats were a steal from Macy’s, when I was in Florida, only $12, they look fabulous with a nice pair of denim, or even shorts if it were hot. I doubled my necklaces with a thick metallic bow necklace from Forever 21, and this gradient rhinestone statement piece from the Loft. They stand out and I love how you can pair a simple outfit with statement accessories. I also am wearing bow earrings that are delicate with a tight bun in my hair. Lastly a suede Target clutch in a soft stone color is my go to fall purse, for a relaxed day outfit. 
He Said:

I love this warm and cozy little package, maybe a little too covered and layered for this time of year. But besides that she did an amazing job with this outfit. I can’t believe she always seems to match her outfits so well. The sweater looks very soft and comfortable and her flats match and fit in perfectly. This reminds me of something someone would wear on a nice day in the mountains. Her make-up is once again just right, and her glow is what really stands out more than this outfit. 


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