Easy way to Dress Up a Striped Dress

She Said:

We can all get stumped on what would go with a certain dress, pair of heels or that unique hat. Sometimes I too am not sure, but a striped dress is something easy that can be worn casually or dressy. Today’s look is dressy, keep reading on how you can get this look with a simple dress. I chose my easy black and white striped dress from Marshalls, similar cute ones from ShopStyle here. It has a high neckline, which feels professional and a snitched waist that gives a flattering figure. I picked a cobalt blue blazer which you have seen but I love the waterfall front fabric as it falls against the dress, blazer always look sleek. You can add super extravagant pieces or colorful necklaces, earrings for ideas. I picked a rhinestone clover necklace similar to this silver one from Nordstrom. As well as Lulus.com striped watch that keeps this on the right printed track. My heels are also from Marshalls, being a part of #projectfab I am so lucky to have been gifted these Jessica Simpson peep toe heels, the cream color sets this striped dress. A clutch can be the icing on the cake; I love this two tone Urban Expressions clutch with gold piping. See what you have in your closet, dress up the one dress you love! 

He Said:

I like everything I see here I am just not sure if it all works together. She looks as though she is going to church. There is something about church that is just not sexy. I love the heels, tall heel with a nice sexy strap across the back. The dress is great but would look a lot better if she lost the jacket. The dress is more casual with a more business type jacket and in a lot of cases that works, but this is not one. The clutch and necklace are cute, but the best part is her hair, I love that off to one side hair style, it looks very fitting on her, just wish it was paired with a better ensemble.


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