Yosi Samra Ballet Flat

She Said:
Feeling empowered, strong and loved. Just wanted all my fans, friends and strangers to know that I appreciate every word, comment, tweet or like you give to me! This blog would not be where it is today if it were not for all of you. So thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

So along with this feeling I decided on an outfit that will work for a busy working lady, minus the heels. I decided to work around these ballet flats. These Yosi Samra flats are from Shop Adorn. They are unbelievable comfortable, stylish and fold up in half so you can even carry them in your clutch! They make the outfit if you ask me. I chose a deep wash with a two button closure from Rich and Skinny, they have permanent creases which makes the wash stand out more. I seem to be crushing on polka dots lately, this blouse is no exception. A polka doted nearly see through blouse from Forever 21 adds character, fun and style to this office attire. I paired this with a gold cognac satin blazer also from Forever 21, I love the slit pockets on the side with double buttons. Lastly, this purse from Shoedazzle is a wonderful messenger tote that goes with any summer or fall look. It is a great piece to own and I feel classic and stylish ready for anything that comes my way during the day.  

He Said:
This outfit is classy but a little boring, ok a lot boring, that’s mostly due to her jacket. The jacket is brown… bland, it has no distinguishing features… boring, and it even looks to be a little over-sized… really boring (you get it). Her blouse is ok except for the fact you can see right thru it, and in this case that’s not a good, I don’t like tops that do this. It just looks tacky when I can see a women’s bra thru her shirt, not sexy. The jeans fit good but again nothing about them stands out either. And I have to say as much as these flats might be very comfortable (because they look like it) they really match everything else going on in this outfit… dull. As boring as everything is, this is still far from the worst outfit I have seen, so it does have that going for it.


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