Ocean Blues

She Said:

This entire blue ensemble is representing the ocean and all of its jewel-tone colors, dark blue, turquoise and sky blue. What better place to wear this than in Florida, surrounded by the water and beautiful beaches (+ bug bites - ouch). Which leads me to this cut out tank from Macy's and was a recent purchase for only $5.00! The crisscross straps in the back are breathable in royal blue that is great for a warm evening. I picked my Jbrand bonnet blue trim shorts from Marshalls last seen here dressed up. My bubble necklace in turquoise brings out the light ocean blue with silver hardware, it’s chunky and bold, a perfect statement necklace. These heels are so chic, with an elastic blue strap on the ankle and tan leather, they are a great find from Forever 21, similar ones here from ShopStyle. Starfish are a part of the sea and of course this outfit, a gold starfish ring with turquoise beads intertwined, completes the gems. I chose this bright Sephora Collection lipstick Go For Pink color, the contrast is great for a beachy date night look. Wishing you all a fantastic Tuesday!

He Said:

Today’s outfit is great but what really stands out and makes this outfit incredible are her heels. The top is just plain, too simple. The shorts are, short, tight, and colorful. Those first 2 adjectives make for a very sexy pair of shorts and the 3rd is just a bonus. Again, what really grabs my attention are her heels, the height is perfect, and I am a sucker for ankle straps (in any color). They are simple and classy while her legs look amazing. 


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