She Said His be styled with Wood Underwear

You asked, you Facebooked, you tweeted, you recommended. And we listened! We are starting a monthly series featuring His fashions - styled and photographed by me. Talk about a change of character He will be modeling and I will be behind the scenes. We hope you like this new approach and look forward to your feedback.

He Said:
This is the only shirt I have ever had from Old Navy that actually fits me well. I am actually impressed with the improved quality of the garments at old navy now; they have come a long way. Besides that the shirt not only fits great but it’s a nice thick fabric that is durable and will stand up to the beating I put my clothing threw. These shoes are not the best to walk in but the color and style is modern and fashionable, great for my wardrobe. The pants look and feel very relaxed. They do not hold even a dime in the pockets though, every time I sit down I lose everything in my pockets, which is the most annoying thing, especially when I’m driving and the phone goes in the space between my seat and the door. The one thing my shirt and pants have in common is they are both comfortable, but they don’t compare to the comfort of the article of clothing I am wearing that you don’t see in purple. I am wearing the most comfortable briefs I’ve ever had from Wood Underwear. As you can see my style is all about comfort and today knocks that out of the park, it’s just a bonus I look up to par doing it.
Shirt: Old Navy
Pants: H&M
Underwear: Wood Underwear

She Said:
I really like his purple Wood Underwear; they look great with a pair of jeans or pants, the name is appealing too. Purple meshes with blue like the color wheel so his outfit is the perfect today. His royal blue kicks are the star of the show, bright and something different! Coming back from an ocean thrilled vacation the all blue look is attractive and he looks very handsome from head to toe!


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