Airboat Tour, Turtles and My Granddad

She Said:
So I know you have been following me on Instagram and Twitter, while we have been in Florida, thank you! I have posted outfit photos but today I wanted to share a few things we have seen and experienced. Since you are all practically family, you should know whats been going on! We went on an Airboat tour with my Aunt in the Everglades, this was something calming and informative, loved this trip! Talk about aligators, birds and did you know there are 28 different types of frogs in the Everglades? We visited the Loggerhead MarineLife Turtle Center, to see the staff nursing all the turtles that need assistance, we go every year to see which have made progress, as well as see the babies get bigger and stronger. Also, the main reason we come to Palm Beach is to visit my Granddad, he has Alzheimer's but still he is one of a kind and even if his stories are from years ago I still enjoy his company. See below for many photos of our trip so far! Thanks everyone for all of your support.
 On the airboat, it is like the A.C is on your face!
 Loxahatchee Airboat Tour and our Guide

There was an aligator but not sure if he is visible here.

 Baby turtles

 My handsome Granddad and my Aunt for a visit, singing, laughing and enjoying our time together

 Out for a walk :)

Stay tuned tomorrow for an outfit post! Thank you again for reading and hope you enjoy these photos as much as I do!


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