Cadet Cap + Stripes

She Said:

First off, can you believe it is already August, it is crazy! Today is a little more casual than yesterday’s glamorous look seen here. I wanted something I can wear running errands but take off the hat and it is a great going out to dinner look. I have a love for all kinds of hats; fedoras, baseball caps and floppy ones. This cadet cap though I have had for years and love how simple it is and I can just leave it on or take it off. Military green has always been a great color to mix with stripes so I chose a chic ¾ sleeve shirt. This top looks pricier than it is, yet is from Forever 21 and under $10. I have already washed it and it still looks good. Seriously, if you want a super soft pair of cropped jeans I recommend these Paige USA James Crops in Harper. I wore them in Nebraska if you remember and swear by them! I wanted a classic clutch, and Tory Burch makes a wonderful one that is a mauve color which goes with denim and stripes. I wore these Zara heels earlier this week here with shorts, but I love these babies and think they look classy with crops. I kind of wish I was headed to a baseball game because I feel I would be fashionably fit, wouldn’t you agree? 

He Said:

This outfit is cute; she looks like she is ready to sail away.  I like it and like I said it’s cute but that’s it, there is no real fashion appeal here. The top is plain; it is just a simple striped top. The jeans are too close to something a mother of 3 would wear. And the heels just do not belong. You should not pair super sexy heels of any kind with a sailor top and mom jeans, it just does not work. If you remove those items you are not left with much. So I guess I only like her hat.


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