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Hey Sharks!

Sorry for the absence the past couple of days, but I was busy being a couch potato. The weather is getting gloomier every day now and it kinda affects my mood now and then. Anyone else who has this problem? The only thing I love about the coming months are Christmas and New Year's Eve. I'll be spending Christmas Eve with my family. I'm already preparing myself for tons of food and loud conversations and debates -- especially between my sister and aunt. They 'fight' every year. Reason? My aunt always wants to open the presents right after dinner, while my sister thinks we should wait until midnight. That's what I love the most growing up in an Italian family: fights, yelling and big mouths, but we know it will always be OK in the end.

As for New Year's Eve, I'm still deciding. I'll be celebrating it with my bestie, but we're not sure where we're gonna go. I hate places packed with (drunk) people and ridiculously expensive entrance fees and drinks. We still have some time, though... What are your plans? 

I was checking one of my favorite blogs when I spotted the perfect dress for New Year's Eve: sequins, shoulder pads and the perfect emerald green color. The dress is by IvyRevel, the brand of which Kenza Zouiten is the co-founder and creative director. Her blog definitely is one of my favorites! She often wears IvyRevel herself (which I love, since I can see the items in different outfits) and often posts behind-the-scenes-pictures at the office, from photo shoots... 

I love the entire collection, but I tried to narrow it down to my top 10 favorite looks. A lot of black and white, clean lines, leather (yay!) and a pop of color here and there... Definitely my cup of tea! Plus, the items are super affordable. I'm thinking about ordering the sequined dress for New Year's Eve, plus some other items. I just have to wait until I get my paycheck. ;)

What do you think about IvyRevel?
Any look(s) that you prefer?

* For the IvyRevel web shop, click HERE.
* For Kenza's blog, click HERE


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