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I've been so excited to introduce to you a brand I recently discovered: Pray For Paris
While browsing around on Tumblr, I stumbled upon a picture of one of their shirts and I was immediately hooked. Even though I find religion a load of bull and I'm not religious at all, I do love religious paintings, art and architecture, such as churches, monasteries... It might have to do with my interest in art history and history in general. Pray For Paris' shirts are covered in colorful, bold religious prints and that, in combination with a street style vibe, is a hit for me.

Pray For Paris is a small business and all of their shirts are limited edition, so the chance that you'll bump into someone wearing the same shirt is very small. I love to support small, up and coming brands and this one immediately made it onto my 'Brands I Love'-list. Another plus? The shirts are super afforable. I got one for my best friend too, but he will have to wait until Christmas. No worries, he knows I got it for him, so there's no spoiler alert here. And I'll be able to switch shirts with him from time to time.  ;) 

If you want a Pray For Paris-shirt too, I suggest you to place an order right now, since they're going hard. A lot of sizes are sold out already and if everything's sold out, you will have to wait for the next collection (with new prints). I can't wait to see more! Now all I need is nice, warm weather so that I can take decent outfit shots again. It's freezing here in Belgium.

I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this brand.
Let me know in the comment box below.

P.S.: The fact that I'm not religious does not mean that I don't respect other people's thoughts on this matter. Everyone is entitled to believe in whatever he or she wants.

P.P.S.: The shirts are unisex and I'm wearing a size M.


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