Red and Gold

She Said:
What a gorgeous weekend it was, we had 70 degree weather, played outside and did holiday outings. I had to recreate that all with my red and gold look today! This full dress was a find at Marshalls; I love the full skirt part as well as the ornate print. It is sleeveless and I think this would be a great holiday dress if you have a party this weekend. This gold elastic belt is an addition; I found it at H&M but Target has an exact option here. It turns this dress up and adds the sparkle I always need! I paired this dress with my combination jacket in tan from Zara, the wide lapels are structured and wool is soft and elegant. Continuing the gold streak, I picked my Tory Burch Robinson tote; it accentuates the leather patches on the coat and is the perfect accessory for a flirty dress. These are one of the best heels I own, they wrap around the ankle and I could wear these for hours, because the heel is not too high. They are stylish and make a statement with any dress. Pick up a dress from Marshalls and show me how you styled it for the holidays.
He Said:
I absolutely love this dress, it is perfectly sexy. The print captures my attention first, I love the color red, but more importantly is the cut. This dress looks as though it was tailored for her, it fits her so well that I wish it was warmer out so I could see the whole thing instead of the jacket covering up half of it. Speaking of her jacket, it works here but barely, I could think of many other jackets that would fit better, in particular a different colored jacket. The brown and black just never really looks as good as another color choice, like all black or white. Lastly, her bag and heels do fit in great; they are both hot and sexy in a way that does not take anything away from the dress. If only the weather was warmer her jacket could be off and today’s outfit would be perfect.

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