Shark Attack Loves... // The Bold And The Casual

Meadham Kirchoff S/S '13

I'm still struggling to find a balance between working and blogging. I can't find the time to shoot outfit pictures, since I have to prepare the lessons that I want to teach my students, have to correct tests and so on. Plus, the things I'm wearing to teach aren't that special. Anyway, because of all that, I only find myself browsing for inspirational pictures like the one above -- for now. I'm positive that, once I've found my way into the teaching world, I'll be back into my old routine. I hope y'all will still be here with me. 

Looking at the picture above, I kinda want to slap myself for not buying that emerald statement necklace at Zara a while ago. I loved it, was holding in my hands while doubting... And I decided to leave it there, because I thought I wouldn't wear it that much. Of course, it's sold out now. It popped up on tons of blogs in no time. But I'm still keeping my eyes open, searching for another pretty statement necklace. If you have any advice on where to find them, do let me know! The mix between bold and casual is absolutely perfect. 

I found this picture while browsing on Tumblr. You can follow me here if you want. Leave me a comment with your Tumblr-profile too. I love to discover new profiles. New profiles = new inspiration!

x Krizia


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