Apricot + Faux Fur

She Said:

The weather is changing from extremely hot summer weather to cooler bits of rain here and there. What great way to layer than adding a warm vest. Vests can add a chic look that is not too bulky like some coats and you won’t be over heated being there are no sleeves. I love this choice and fit of this faux fur vest. I purchased it recently and I know it’s still flying off the shelf, you can grab it here! I love the mixed camel and cream color, it is soft and durable. I paired this with my Marshalls fabulous find, a beautiful tangerine 3/4th sleeve blouse with button detail. I love the color, I wanted all the colors they had but stuck with one I don’t tend to gravitate toward. Splurge and steal. It is also a high low blouse being it covers the back pockets on my jeans; which is unfortunate because the pocket detail flaps are so cute! See a similar style here. These jeans are by Monarchy, a light bootcut wash, fitted and slimming. The pockets are sections of the British flag. I also wanted height today, these Steven Madden patent booties were a great match to my vest. They are so stylish and sky high. They have a great platform so they can last me all day without hurting! I picked gold accessories to go with this sherbet themed outfit. My earrings are from Forever21 as well as my solid gold bracelets. Black cube bracelet is from Nordstrom’s and the rhinestone chain is from Forever 21 too. The blue starfish is from Hautelook.com. Last but not least a light brown embossed clutch was my go to bag for this Friday! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

He Said:
This is one of the best outfits I have seen in a long time on her. I absolutely love this vest. Regular faux fur vests are great but if they have a large collar, they are even better! I love the color of her top, and her jeans fit perfectly. As I look over her I cannot get over her vest, it is absolutely the best part of this outfit. The heels are amazing.  Tall, shiny and did I say tall? I actually like her clutch a lot too. This outfit gets my full approval. The colors and the vest make her stand out, and anyone would be blind not to notice her. 

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