The Corduroy Effect

She Said:
I feel like flats are the way to go today. Yesterday and today, being comfortable is just what I needed. It is getting cooler here and when it gets colder, I tend to gravitate towards the color black. I am sure that is like every woman in world! I picked a pair of black corduroy jeans by True Religion Brand Jeans. The bootcut fit is exceptional and they look great with heels or flats. I was given this Hy + Dot silk shirt at work. It is a two-tone black front and grey back ¾ sleeve layered top with a large front zipper and great pockets for warmth and style. I immediately thought of my wonderful denim jacket also seen here, from Forever 21. It was a long hunt for just the right one - and I still feel happy with my choice! What denim jacket doesn’t go with corduroy and black? I wore my Steve Madden lilac flats, also worn here, that are super comfortable and add a tad of spring to this fall look. My hair is tossed and parted slightly differently. I grabbed more hair to appear as if I have fuller bangs. It is a little change for the outfit today, I like it. Have a great Thursday everyone! 

He Said:
I like this “home town looking girl” look. Her blonde hair looks great with her denim jacket, and those corduroy pants make her figure look perfect. The show stopper is definitely the jacket though; it looks laid back and stunning at the same time. The shirt is too dressy for a casual jacket and pants. One thing I would like to change is her shoes; I am not sure how she could pick these slippers. This outfit looks good, just not great, but much better than yesterday’s.

Happy Go Lucky


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