Highlighter Pink

She Said:
It is getting chilly here in CA. A little bit of rain last night, burning wood filling the air and holiday lights going up. My favorite season is here, shopping season for Christmas, November through December. Luckily today I get to bring out a coat! This coat is a light weight black puffy coat with a grey hood from Love Culture on sale for $15.99. I love the classy look and length of it and its black, it goes with everything! I wanted to wear my recent steal from Nordstrom Rack, these bootcut Hudson Jeans for $74.99, amazing right! I love the wash and fit, these truly are my favorite brand of jeans. I knew this look needed color so this hot pink tie blouse was just the option from Forever 21. I layered it with a black sleek vest with buttons down the front from Forever 21. Ankle boots on this crisp day were perfect. The high heel and suede fabric elongates my legs and makes me super tall! These were of course from Forever 21. Just add some hot coco and some Lucky and Cosmo magazines and I will be content. Happy Thursday everybody! 

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He Said:
What a great outfit for this weather, looks like it’s going to be a rainy day today in So Cal and jeans with a cute top and jacket are perfect. First I will start with what looks good: the jeans fit her great and the wash goes well with the hot pick and black. The top’s hot pink colors add just the right amount of color to this ensemble. The cutest item she has on is the vest; I just need to see more of it. Now for the bad, the jacket, it’s way to plain and has no individualism about it. The jacket cancel outs the points that were gained by everything else she was wearing. This grey jacket that would look 100 times better from ASOS.com.

Happy Go Lucky


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