Trending: Velveteen, Peplum and Leather

She Said:
You have heard me say it before, I love statement necklaces. I know few who don’t. This outfit pulls in a lot of fall trends that I like right now. Let’s first start with velvet pants. Last year they were all the rage, and thankfully this still continues, wouldn’t you agree? I adore the plum color of these AG Jeans, velvet skinny pants. They are so soft and flattering and they fit amazingly well. When I bought this trendy peplum top from H&M, I knew these pants would be the right match for this flirty top. I like how skinnies look with a peplum style top or sweater. The best trend by far is always from the amazing designers who make leather look so good. This vegan leather jacket from had me at first sight. I had a coupon and it was mine in…red! Then the next day it was online in black, so I returned the red to get the black one, which I would wear 100 times more! I love the quilted moto style. It is soft, light and goes well with anything! So far my look is pretty simple with great pieces, but I needed something more. This aqua floral necklace I had anticipated for a long time finally arrived at Forever 21! The chunkiness, beads, and length are what make this a perfect statement necklace. Complemented it with a beaded bracelet too. Bows are also a huge trend, so we are raking in the trends today! My oversized bow satin satchel was hiding in my closet and calling my name! I have had this for a long time, and it still does its job and will continue to do so for many years! I had to pair these holiday skinnies with my nine west pointed black heels from So classic and comfortable. Now, I am ready for a dinner date babe! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend!

He Said:
If you’re going to wear this you have to include these pants but don’t take off the jacket. It looks mediocre without the jacket but why even take it off when you look so hot with it on. The pants are incredible and really make this outfit. I like this shade of purple, and they fit perfectly. The heels are stunning and they don’t take much away from the rest of the outfit. The same is true for the bag. When I see bags that try to steal the show, I ask myself why do you put together all these great pieces and then water down the look with a loud bag. The worst part of this outfit is the necklace; it just does not go with the rest of the ensemble.

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