Maxi Dress as a Skirt

She Said:

I really like how fellow bloggers, friends, and celebrities are so great at taking a maxi dress and transforming it into a skirt. Well, I semi-tried this today. I have a very cute cognac and black stripe maxi dress from Forever 21 which is flowing and fitting. I wore this in the summer and I wanted to make sure it appeared in my fall wardrobe. The sweater top is not heavy. It is so light weight in fact that I added it to break up the dress and appear as if it was a skirt. The top has a woven knit rope through the top which makes the ruffled design and ties at the shoulder. It makes this unique. I found it at, on sale, here is a similar one. This purse is from dtla and is a large tote with metal embellishments. It goes perfectly with the outfit. I chose my always trustworthy Steve Madden gold chain sandals because our fall is insanely hot today. A closed toe would not work! My earrings are from Forever 21. I like the hint of shininess and feathers, which adds texture. My two cross bracelets are from Angl, and the black and gold is from Nordstrom. This outfit is very breathable; I could wear it for going out or for taking our dog for a walk. Wishing everyone a great Monday I hope you all had a wonderful weekend, it was SUPER hot in Cali! 
He Said:
I like how this top hangs on her. When I say that, it sounds bad, but I mean it in a good way. I have never liked any top she has worn to date except for this one, and that says a lot about this top. It does not show too much skin, it is tasteful and how it falls as a one-shoulder makes it look nice. The dress looks great and goes well with the bag and top. I also like the sandals; the only problem is they are almost nonexistent in the photos. I know there’s not much that can be done about it when you’re wearing a long dress. But I hope to see these sandals again because I really like them. 

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