Grey Fedora and Gold Accents

She Said:
Today is the perfect day for a fedora! By the way, happy November 1st everyone! I am happy it is November but man this year flew by! I feel that because its November, I have to wear some layers and warm clothes. Especially, my grey fedora. It is a tad big, but I like it anyway. It looks like tweed, which is why I love it so much. I found it at Forever 21 for $12.50. I love sweaters that fit right, sometimes they are too short on me, the material is itchy or it sheds like crazy, but not this one! It is a soft black sweater with two faux gold three inch zipper pockets. I dug through my clothes and found this beauty I have had for a while from Forever 21. I wanted some more gold accents so I paired this look with my slim bootcut dark wash Frankie B’s. The red leather with gold clasp on the pocket detail is what sold me! I picked my Charlotte Russe gold toe pumps, which I think look amazing with these jeans! It gives it that added shininess! As for my accessories I chose this chunky gold rhinestone & curb chain bracelet from Forever 21! A gift from my mom which tops this look off is my Burberry silk scarf. I like the light plaid and words through the fabric. Hoping it gets a little cooler to wear more scarves and hats. This outfit screams November! Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

He Said:
I love this outfit for fall! The hat is very cute. I have always thought women look great in fedoras and she is no exception. The scarf matches perfectly with the fedora and ties it all together. The top is ok. I am not sure if I like this style completely, but it does go well with everything else. The jeans are the key that makes this outfit as great as it is. And finally these shoes again tie in the gold. The weakest link is definitely the sweater. The colors go great, but the style is just not flattering. 

Happy Go Lucky


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