The Striped Shirt

She Said:
We all have our favorite team in any sport; we sport the colors and try to look our best wearing them! I don’t typically wear team jerseys but I will say speaks to my fashion needs when it comes to an everyday tee but you can also wear to a baseball game, mine would be the Dodgers, Go Blue! I am wearing a navy and white tee shirt courtesy of that is fitted, soft and fashionable. I wanted this to be the main focus so I worked around the top and brought in a fall tone with different browns and blues. These AG jeans are actually skinny corduroys; they are ultra soft and great to keep warm as the weather changes. I added a mid calf boot from Charlotte Russe, they are perfect for throwing on when you are late to the game. I decided stripes on stripes are ok when attending an event, this blazer is reversible from solid to stripes last seen here, and Michael Kors sells a similar one. I stuck with the cognac theme because we all know it is HUGE this fall, and paired it with my Phillip Lim mini crossbody from Target (sold out). This outfit is a little more relaxed and masculine but I turn up the glam with my Ily Couture pave bracelet, HE gifted to me! In addition wearing an infinity clasp bracelet a little high. I love to support the Dodgers, this striped shirt has it all, be sure to find your teams colors and order yours for the next game. 

He Said

Today she looks like she is ready to finally ride that horse that she has been watching from that fence (in the photo) all summer. The boots and pants are why I make this ridiculous comment; her boots look like riding boots. But before I get into what I really think, I have to say she looks very adorable. The boots and the pants give a horseback riding appearance, and then you see her shirt and immediately throw that theory out the window. Everything in this outfit could really be summed up in one word, cute. Nothing really crazy, nothing popping out, simple kind of outfit, and honestly it is refreshing to see her in a relaxed laid back look.


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