Stripes + Polka Dots

She Said:
Ever get the urge to just mix different prints? Today, I did just that, taking different prints allows one to utilize their pieces of clothing more often, especially if it is an item you love to wear but it looks the same with any solid item. I adore my striped button down top from Forever 21 in summer and now as it gets cooler, but I was either wearing it alone or pairing with a denim jacket which gets sort of boring. As a birthday gift my friend Carol gifted me this super chic boyfriend style polka dot blazer, I love the length and it was unlike anything I already own.(She knows me so well). Mixing stripes and polka dots is what makes fashion a statement, it’s something unusual! I paired this with my ripped skinny 7FAM jeans in a light beige color to calm the prints and make them the stand out pieces. I decided on an exact matching navy blue/metallic toe pump from Target, craving these; along with my Phillip Lim for Target bag too. I love how the eye moves over the entire outfit not just the prints. For an even more pop I added my Wild Butterfly Boutique bubble necklace and placed an orange MAC lipstick on because it balances so nicely. You don’t need to follow trends, it is always fun but mixing different patterns adds to your wardrobe possibilities.
He Said:
I am not sure if polka-dots go well with stripes, but I guess they look okay together. I am not a fan of this outfit at all, the jacket is too clown-ish, and if she had big red shoes and a foam nose she would fit perfectly in a circus somewhere. I do like the striped shirt, and the heels are mediocre. The lipstick is another aspect I am not fully on board with, it is so hard to make bright lipstick colors look good, but yet so easy to make more natural lipstick colors look good, I say stick to natural colors and it will save everyone a lot of trouble. Overall there is really nothing about this outfit that really gets me going, and I would not pay much attention to it in any environment.


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