Mixing Vintage with Modern

She Said:
I am still in the mood for bright colors, today so a coral and mixing in navy is what I want to share. I am a huge fan of jumpsuits, though they are one item and it is hard to mix and match this garment, adding different style jackets, heels or purses are one way to turn this look from edgy to classic. This ornate jumpsuit is from Forever 21 and I love the tan and navy mixed together, they also have a black one that I have my eye on too. I brought out the white with this bubble necklace c/o Wild Butterfly Boutique. The gold hardware is something that really stood out and it will be a great neutral for fall. I layered this jumpsuit with another F 21 find, a coral one button blazer; it is rather thick it definitely keeps me warm in the A.C or colder weather. I like that the pant leg is more bell bottom -like, and my shoes may or may not show when I walk. I picked a beige wedge, simple and easy to throw on. I love that my Tory Burch clutch matches the necklace perfectly. I added my MAC plushglass gloss with a hint of coral and tied my hair in a low side ponytail. Mixing vintage and modern can work, just add color! 

He Said:
Today is 70’s all the way. Obviously I come to that conclusion because of her jumpsuit, with its 70’s print and bell bottom style. But the good news is this 70’s bell bottom disco jumpsuit is actually kind of sexy. But now I am not sure if this jacket really fits, it just seems too modern compared to everything else on her. The shoes however are perfect and the same goes for her clutch and necklace. It really all works beautifully well except her jacket, swap out the jacket and you have yourself a winner with this outfit.

Crushing on these cute Jumpsuits for fall:


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