Cobalt Cutout Pencil Skirt

She Said:
Happy Monday everyone!  We had an eventful weekend, so it is nice to get back to blogging. A couple of weeks ago I found this amazing cutout pencil skirt from Marshalls for only $14.99. The fabric is forgiving, the color is on point for fall and those cutouts on the bottom half are so unique, I have not seen anything like it. I mixed this leopard print sleeveless top with two pockets and gold hardware courtesy of Charlotte Russe. The loud print meshes nicely with a solid pop of color. This look is already structured but I wanted to keep it modern by adding this Phillip Lim crossbody by Target, in taupe. My heels are also from Target, they are by Mossimo white and black with a gold platform on the bottom. I love the construction and peep toe addition, they perfectly compliment the skirt. I feel like this outfit could work for a fashion interview or girls night out to dinner. 
He Said:
This is a great new look and something I have never seen before, it’s so unique. I am not a big fan of animal print; it is hard to make it not look trashy. She doesn’t look trashy here but she has to be very careful with the animal print. The skirt is so unique in itself and then she pairs it with this tucked in animal print top, which makes it very odd, in a good way. Her heels are beyond sexy, I love the thicker heel, and it adds some character to the shoe. Overall today is a very unique and great outfit, but she is walking a thin line between unique and trashy, so just be careful.

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