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Hey guys,

yes, I'm still alive. I came down with a major cold and decided to take a time out to recharge my batteries again. Having a cold didn't stop me to do some shopping, though. ;)

The cap is by Filles À Papa (FAP for short), one of Belgium's fast up and coming labels and one of my favorites; originality, leather, sequins and a touch of rock 'n roll... Just the way I like it. My dad got it for me, I guess he was trying to make a statement with the Yes Sir-slogan, lol.

The shoes were a great find. I got them at a Mango Outlet-store for only 10 euros. #Score I'm usually not a fan of white shoes, but these remind me of the ones my mom wore on her wedding day -- I'm kinda corny and cliché from time to time. Since I rarely wear white, I'm curious and excited to see what combos I'll come up with to make these babies shine. Let's hope I'll pass the test.

I already posted some pictures of me wearing my new items on Instagram -- My username is Krizia_S.
For those who haven't seen them yet, just click below! 

P.S.: Have I told you that I'll be going on a trip to Paris with my best friends in two weeks? I'm sooo excited. Paris has a special place in my heart, I've fallen hard for the city. Let's hope I'll be able to shoot some Parisian outfit pictures. 

"Boss" Cap: FILLES À PAPA // Shoes: MANGO

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