She Said His Turn… to be styled - The Cardigan Sweater

He Said:

I love this outfit because I like to be warm and comfortable, and it has both. Almost a little too warm for the venue we were attending. I love this jacket to death; the patches just give it a nice added touch. I wore the jacket with a collared shirt underneath but I feel you could wear just about any shirt under it. The pants are one of the softest pairs I have and I love the color because it is just a little different than the average blue denim and doesn’t stand out too much. The shoes are also very comfortable and look great when they are brand new as you see here, but they don’t stay this way for long. I have to be very careful so I can get at least a dozen wears out of them before they start to look old.  I love the outfit and I felt great wearing it, I was also actually surprised by the compliments I received on the jacket.

She Said:

He looks buff, handsome and homely in his sweater. I love the double buttons with a heather light grey and the elbow patches. The weather has been up and down and this I am sure keeps him warm. The white shoes are so clean, they make everything else stand out even more, and he looks like a Guess model today! So happy he is stylish and likes to wear fashionable items. 

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