She Said His be styled with Cars

You asked, you Facebooked, you tweeted, you recommended. And we listened! We are starting a monthly series featuring His fashions - styled and photographed by me. Talk about a change of character He will be modeling and I will be behind the scenes. We hope you like this new approach and look forward to your feedback.

He Said:
This is a great outfit for a venue like this, I felt like young money. The shirt is a little brighter than I would normally wear, but I like the bright colors every once in a while, especially if I am ok with a little more attention. I absolutely love these jeans, I want to wear them everywhere, and they are comfortable. At the same time can be casual or sophisticated. Now on to the shoes, all white shoes are like an all black car, they only look good when new or very clean, luckily these shoes are both. The whole outfit is a multitude of adjectives - being comfortable, attention grabbing and classy.

She Said:
I totally love a bright colored piece of clothing in fall. Plus, it is still ridiculously hot outside so why not incorporate. He looks great in an aqua blue and I love it paired with tan pants, great beach colors. He is dressed appropriate for a classy event, with expensive cars and cameras everywhere. I love a clean white crisp shoe when there doesn’t need to be a dress shoe to take its place. Now if only he can let me have that black Lamborghini…


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