Combining Navy Prints

She Said:
Whenever I wear navy blue immediately I am thinking, I will probably pair this with red, because it blends so nicely. Though blue and red can seem to be a bit nautical I like to think this look steers away from that. I am wearing a fitted soft Joselyn peplum top by Tart courtesy of PB&J Boutique; the quality is amazing and flares out at the right spot. I added this reversible stripped knit blazer, rolled up the sleeves and love how relaxed it makes the outfit. These printed tailored shorts are from Forever 21, with blue, red and white they are really perfect for the Fourth of July but they look great with a peplum blouse any day! I have wanted to wear this fan fringe necklace from Brina Box for a while; today’s was a great choice. It looks so elegant against the navy blue. I adore the coral beads and it makes this outfit fun and colorful. Speaking of color, the reds are popping out from head to toe. Wearing my Ruby Woo Lipstick from MAC Cosmetics (the perfect shade), with a satin clutch that I have owned for years, but still looks untouched and these Tory Burch sandals that steal the show in tory red as my daring color against navy blue. I love the way the two patterns merge and I would definitely wear this out on a date with HIM! Mix patterns in your closet and see what you come up with.

He Said:
First thing about today’s outfit that catches my eye is her shorts. I love these polka dot type pattern they are very cute. The top goes great and the pops of red blend in perfectly with the shorts. The shorts and the red pops of color in her sandals with the clutch give the impression of a 50’s pin up girl. The necklace does not really go but looks nice nevertheless. There are two things about this outfit that must be changed. First her hair should to be up in a ponytail, straight down just doesn’t look right and doesn’t give the outfit justice. Two, she needs to get a different jacket or lose it all together, unless today is her first day of junior high. Otherwise today she looks great as always and I cannot wait to see what’s next. 


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