I Didn’t Always Like Gold...

She Said:
I used to never wear anything gold about 6 years ago, shocking I know. Not sure why because I am a blonde and blondes tend to look better with gold hardware than silver tones. I am glad I like both metals now. These Enzo sandals were a gift from aunt when we were in Florida; they were on deep discount at Macy's and have a nice suede feel with the gold details. My top also stands out with gold studs; this white chiffon blouse from Forever 21 is simple but fashionable. I added a military green shorts by Rock and Republic, they have cute pockets in the back! I love my Target tote this black and white compliments my outfit, with clean lines and a winded out shape. Lastly, my gold cross sideways necklace tops off this casual put together outfit. Sometimes you just use what  you have these pieces are great for this super hot weather we keep having! 

He Said:

She looks amazing in today’s outfit, but there is something missing. Her top fits and looks great as does her black and white bag and sandals. But the shorts just do not fit in with the rest of the ensemble. The top is so classy and goes so well with everything else. The shorts would go better with a tank top or anything more casual then what she is wearing. Other then the slight mismatch, nothing about this outfit really stands out either. It is just a good but a little boring of an outfit.



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