Tortoise Turquoise Statement Necklace

She Said:
Happy Friday! I am feeling electric today in my blue dress with a statement necklace to match. This dress was a boutique find, the electric blue hue is so eye catching, it zippers all the way down and has multiple crisscross in the back, great as a beach cover up, similar to this one from Target. I dressed it up a bit because it is still how, with a light cover up. I added a Forever 21 black vest, loose, flattering and changes up this dress. I love that I could finally wear my Brina Box tortoise turquoise statement necklace; the purples and aqua’s are so in for fall! I happen to have a bourdaux Lauren clutch from Hobo Bags, that I adore. It is simile and classic. Lastly, a pair of crochet wedges from Charlotte Russe, with a cork wedge makes this a nice relaxed outfit, easy going on a Friday. Have a wonderful weekend!

He Said:
These colors go very well together and that is the first thing people are going to notice. Everything here just blends so well from her wedges to her necklace. Her dress looks great on her, it is very bright and the front zipper adds that sexiness that I love in an outfit. What is sexier than a dress that can be removed in 2 seconds flat? The black vest looks great as well because it breaks things up. And the wedges really tie right in with everything, one item I would just lose is her clutch, she has such a beautiful outfit going on here and then there is just a clutch sticking out like a sore thumb. 


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