3.1 Phillip Lim for Target Mini Pashli and Floral Blouse

She Said:

I am so honored and humbled to be featured on Feast.Fashion. Faves blog! Amanda is the sweetest and her blog dives into fashion events, pro at nail design, shares amazing outfits and lets you know where the best restaurants are. Be sure to visit her blog

I waited and waited to receive part of my Phillip Lim Collection pieces from Target, low and behold 2 out of 4 packages arrived! I was so excited, I am sure you saw on Instagram and Twitter. The mini Pashli taupe purse is perfection, I love the quality, the detailing of all the pockets and that it is a crossbody and handbag is a plus. It will look fabulous with any outfit but definitely wanted to pair it with the Phillip Lim floral blouse. The colors are a fall combination of browns and pinks the floral print is super feminine, this would look cute belted or in summer with a pair of denim shorts! Since I was so inspired by the print, I wore my stencil printed Rich and Skinny coated jeans, they are a great skinny leg with a light washed out stenciling on the side. I chose a colorful pump that would make the blouse stand out a bit more, these purple Guess suede pointed heels are a shoe I tend to wear year round. I am wearing a few mini rings on both hands for a simple accessory addition, these two heart mini rings and an ampersand on my thumb both from Forever 21. Overall, I feel girlie and ready for fall, love the collection pieces I have received thus far and stay tuned for further excitement and outfits to come. 

He Said:

The top in today’s outfit doesn’t do much for me, the colors are just not vibrant enough and the pattern doesn’t help the color situation. The pants I love but they cannot save this outfit alone. The shoes are OK, they are heels so they have that going for them but again they are the oddest color purple for a pair of heels. The key and one hope for this outfit is her bag. The bag I absolutely love, it is a super cute mini version of a larger bag, which is great, and it is unusual without being ugly.

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