Work it out with my Great Dane + Marshalls

She Said:
I love to play with my enormous blue Great Dane named Hudson; he is silly, makes me laugh and yes weighs more than I do. We like to go on walks, play in the front yard and even go to the dog park. Well who wouldn’t want to look stylish, so when I got the opportunity from Marshalls to tie in fashion with my extracurricular activity, I jumped right on it and decided to include my pup. When I went to Marshalls I was amazed at the selection of athletic wear, I have a lot of black so I wanted it to be colorful and fun. My entire look, minus my shoes is all from Marshalls, #projectfab. This tight shirt in tangerine is a great cove up or shirt by itself, I love the hood and the pull ties it has at the bottom. I decided not to be so matchy matchy so I picked these awesome shorts that are mutli colored, with teal, purple and blue intertwined. They have a thick teal strap a zippered pocket to hold my items in case Hudson starts jumping which he does, see below photos! I also picked up Puma socks, in white with bright pink, orange and green trim. They are perfect to go with my ensemble today and as long as I am bright, Hudson can be the star of the show. My running shoes are by Nike, purchased a while ago but I love the girlie vibe they have with the floral pattern in tan with a pink swoosh. I hope you all have an amazing Friday, and enjoy the photos of Hudson as well! 

He Said:
I love this outfit, some people might not normally think of sexy when they think of workout gear, but there is one group of people that do, men. That is if it’s done right, sweats are not sexy but short shorts are a definite yes. The bright top, even though covering up a lot is very hot. Her shoes are just a classic pair of Nikes every guy can relate and appreciate that. This is an outfit that will get you looks not only because of the bright colors and the hotness that it brings but also the respect, especially if you are walking a 155lb dog. Today’s outfit is just a classic workout ensemble plain and simple with a great purchase price and accessory (dog).


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