How to Work a Varsity Tee

Although I am not one who likes to follows trends - I am all for dressing to portray your personality and think you shouldn’t wear something just because everyone else is...that being said ever since 90s fever hit the stores I have jumped on the trend bandwagon. I love all things 90s, could be down to the fact I grew up in the 90s or maybe it’s because 90s fashion is just casually cool…I pretty much live in my converse, dungarees, shorts and shirts at the moment so the casual bit is right up my street.

One trend from the 90s that I have been eagerly trying to add to my wardrobe is a Varsity t-shirt. I have been searching for a good one for months so when FD Avenue gave me the opportunity to choose an item of clothing from their site naturally I opted for their Varsity 85 Style Print T Shirt.  

Well the bad boy Varsity t-shirt (yep I just referred to an item of clothing as a ‘bad boy’) dropped through my letterbox this weekend and I have to say I am proper chuffed with it.

Normally I’m a bit apprehensive with Internet shopping as sometimes the items don’t always look as good as they do on the website. Well FD Avenue’s Varsity t-shirt looks much better in reality…and nope I am not just saying that for the purpose of the post. The fabric is a soft jersey and the ‘85’ logo doesn’t look naff. It is available in a few different colours but as always I opted for black as you can pretty much work it with anything.

How to Work - Day to Night
 The great thing about this Varsity 85 Style Print T Shirt is you can so work it day to night...scroll down to see just how I am going to work mine. 

Varisty Tee day to night

Either work the Varsity t-shirt with some denim shorts (I found the length on me isn't that long so you can't really wear on it's own) and a pair of converse or you can 'sex' it up a bit by pairing tucking it in to a body-con leather look skirt and work some heels...great for a night out. As for accessories I would wear a chunky gold watch and some hoop earrings. When it comes to wearing earrings I never like to wear matching earrings - I have three piercings so I usually wear one big gold hoop and a gem stud in my right ear, and a different gem stud in my left. I rarely wear a pair of hoops - but that is just me. 

So what do you all think of the post? Would you work a Varsity t-shirt and if so how would you wear it? Leave your comments below. 

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