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I wanted to take the time to write to you about one of my most favorite ways of giving gifts, since I suck at it -- big time. Every time the holidays or a birthday is coming up, I switch to panic mode when I start to brainstorm about which gift would be best to give. Anyone else who's feeling me here?

When the sweet team behind asked me if I wanted to try out their services, I replied with a loud and clear "Hell yes!". They offer gift boxes for all occasions, literally. Plus, their concept and way of working are easy peasy:

- You surf to
- Pick out the category you prefer >> Action & Lifestyle, Culinary, Weekend ... 
- Choose the gift box that's most suitable for the person you want to give it to. The options are endless: you could pick the 'Thank You' gift box, for that special someone who has done something extraordinary for you. Or you could surprise your best friend with a 'Friends Moment' box, which contains tons of activities for some extra bonding time between you and your best friend(s). Looking for a gift box to give to someone who likes to go out for a nice dinner? Check! Or do you want to surprise your loved one with a weekend getaway. Double check! You'll definitely find something suitable for every occasion.
- Put the gift box of your choice in your shopping cart.
- Pay for it.
- Click it home and wait for it to arrive.

Since I'm a total bookworm (Books, comics, magazines... You name it, I'll read it), I went for the 'Newspapers & Magazines' gift box. You've probably already guessed it: this gift box gives you the opportunity to get a subscription on one of your favorite newspapers or magazines. How long the subscription lasts, depends on which magazine or newspaper you choose.

I decided to get a subscription on Elle Belgium, since it's one of my favorite magazines and, well, it couldn't hurt to get a monthly update on everything fashion related as a fashion blogger. I got my first copies this month and it's the perfect excuse to plan some me-time in between blogging and working.


My I-can't-find-the-perfect-gift-moments are totally over. You could never ever go wrong with this one, since the person you give this gift box to will eventually pick out the actual gift himself / herself. Thumbs up!

P.S.: The gift boxes are only available in Belgium, but I'm sure that tons of countries have companies that offer the same concept. So if you're one of my foreign readers, just hit Google and you'll definitely find something similar for your country!

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