NVB Weekend Recap

Hi loves!  I've been in the city all weekend for the New Voices Of Beauty campaign and I've been having such a great time so I just wanted to share some of it with all of you.  We are going to be filming all day today so I'm both nervous and excited to see how this goes! We've been staying at the Dream Downtown hotel which is absolutely beautiful. On Saturday I got to meet the other 3 winners, Nikki, Katie and Amy.  Everyone is so sweet.  Yesterday we had brunch with the Lucky and P&G Beauty team and then went shopping in Soho.  So much fun!  It's crazy that I never come to Soho to go shopping and yet I live so close to the city.  I really love it down here though and definitely need to come back more often.  I got a really cute pair of pants at TopShop that I can't wait to wear! 

I finally upgraded and got the iPhone 5S so most of these photos are from my phone.
The first day I just hung out at the hotel with the girls and ate.. a lot... :)

Awesome gift bags from Lucky.

Every room has these amazing windows. Love.

My view!  Cold and wet streets from the snow. 

Wore this on Saturday.  I've been living in this hat!  With the cold and wet weather it's just the best thing.

Champagne! My reservation was booked under Naty Michele instead of my full name, so this whole weekend I've been called Ms. Michele haha 

Tuna tacos and flatbread on the rooftop.  Crazy how at 5:30pm it was already a party up there!

And then room service... I love food too much.

 My menswear inspired look yesterday that will be on the blog tomorrow! 

Great brunch at Mercer Kitchen in Soho.  

With the other voices of beauty: Katie, Nikki, Amy and Jamie from P&G Beauty :)

Champagne & shopping with Nikki at TopShop.  It was actually my first time at the TopShop store and I fell in love. 

Quick outfit change for some grub at night. 

Wish I had taken more photos but the time is going by so quickly this weekend. I will be trying to capture some behind the scenes from the video shoot for sure.  It's super early right now and my call time is at 8am! Can't wait to share more with you.
Have a great day loves!


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