Blue Agenda

She Said:

I am lucky that I do not have to dress up professionally all the time, but when I do I definitely bring the color. I decided on an all blue theme that will make any Monday bearable (even though it is Thursday) inspiration for next week! The classic portofino shirt from Express is my go to, I love it in this teal color and have a few others I rotate. I tucked it into my Marshalls find a few months ago, a perforated pencil skirt in cobalt blue. It is unique, stylish and still covers enough to wear it to work. I feel like pretty woman in it, as I strut down the street.  I wanted to add a little bit of contrast and what better way than with my bubble necklace in white from the Wild Butterfly Boutique, I love the gold hardware against the white. My sister in law gave me these dainty scalloped teal and gold bracelets, they fit so well with a rolled up sleeve. I continued the blue color on my shoes; these platform suede pumps blend together like the icing on a cake. Not pictured I would wear a simple clutch or briefcase to hold all of my paperwork. Do you like wearing color to work?

He Said:

 I absolutely love this outfit; there is something about it that screams sexy business woman. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again skirts win every time. This skirt is nothing short of amazing, with its sexy triangle pattern towards the bottom is nice. Her top compliments her skirt perfectly, and I love the white necklace and matching bracelet. She did a great job putting this one together, there was thought that went into this outfit and it shows.


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