Fashion News // How Much Do The Chanel Couture Sneakers Cost?

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The whole fashion scene has been buzzing about Dior and Chanel combining haute couture dresses with sneakers during their Spring '14 shows in Paris. I absolutely love it. That's the thing I like most about fashion: it keeps on changing and evolving, giving you the opportunity to experiment endlessly. Rules? What rules? Raf Simons and Karl Lagerfeld showed - once again - that rules are made to be broken. 

Now, we all know that haute couture is all about handmade and très exclusive items. The sneakers were made by hand by the craftsmen at the Massaro atelier and took 30 hours a pair to finish. That kind of work comes with a price tag, my dear...

A 3000 euros a pair price tag, to be precise. 

Since I don't go to the gym - Miss Lazy right here! - I'm not devastated, for once. However, I do like the sneakers on the far left and far right and since my parents are nagging that I need to start to work out, they could be a nice motivation. Nah, just kidding, I'd rather save up for a nice Chanel bag. 


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