Resolution: Going Green

She Said:

I had a really relaxing weekend with my boyfriend and pup, planting. As you all know I get the chance to work with Marshalls and our next assignment is to be my best self, create some new year’s resolutions with the help of anything from their store. Well, I knew I wanted to do something with my boyfriend, make it a fun time and something we both can learn/enjoy. I don’t have the green thumb my family has in gardening; landscape design, fruit picking and growing year round veggies but I know I just need a push and I too can achieve my green goal.

I started out in the store, knowing I wanted to purchase vases, ceramic planters, lighting or even gardening utensils, and you would never know Marshalls almost had it all. I visited a few Marshalls and happen to find a beautiful green with brown splattered ornate planter which I love! I knew I didn’t want all green, so I saw this embossed vase that could hold a flower or two eventually but will work outside in my tiny area of growing I had. I also found a large ceramic pot in green holding the bougainvilla at Homegoods, it was a must-have sort of like the best pair of shoes when they FIT.  Now, I had my planters but was still not sure how I could make this beautiful and more me! I saw a few lanterns in all sizes, white, wooden, chrome and then there was this teal with gold shimmer lantern that reminded me of an outdoor cabana in Bali, begging me to bring it home. This lantern is my favorite part and it ties all of the greens and blues together.

So to be my best self I created a sanctuary, in which Marshalls provided the foundation on making me enjoy simple flowers, our earth and what it has to offer. We planted pansies in purples and white with a large fuchsia bougainvilla shrub; lit a candle in the lantern and I now love this area at the bottom of the stairs. I will continue to be greener and the process with my boyfriend, dog and Marshalls really inspired my goal.  
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