Lace-Up Combat Boots

She Said:
I had an interesting weekend – so today I wanted to be comfortable and try out these awesome combat boots. This look reminds me of winter in Nebraska, where HE is from, it is casual, outdoorsy and stylish for the country side. Starting with this chambray shirt that is normally worn for a hard day’s work, we now wear as a fashion statement, which I love! It is lightweight and durable. I layered it with this plush faux fur vest; it keeps me warm and really blends nicely with denim fabric. These sassy leggings are suede with detailed stitching throughout the leg, originally from H&M, Macy's has a great pair in a variety of colors. Now to the best part, these lace up combat boots with gold accents from Charlotte Russe. I love the length of the boot, the tan color is neutral and they are something unique I don’t have in my closet! Since they are very uniform I picked a suitable accessory from Charlotte Russe, an American Flag iphone case with studs. It completes the whole look; it is a new day, getting cozy and staying warm but still fashion forward.
He Said:
In these photos this outfit looks better than it did in person, as mean as that sounds, it’s true. The pants are the best part. They look like suede couch material turned into pants. The vest looks ridiculous; it brings me to think of cave men and women. These boots are one of the first pairs of any footwear that’s she has ever had that I really dislike. They try to look rugged but you can also tell these boots would not last 15 min in a real rugged environment which is a turn off, I mean they have chrome plates around the heels, come on way to fashionable to be actual combat boots. The best part of her outfit minus her hair is the denim button up shirt, and even this it is not that impressive.
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