Aztec Love

She Said:
It is nearly the end of the week; did this week go by fast for you? It went at a good pace for me, not too long or short! Can you believe Valentine’s Day is around the corner? I am only giving you a sneak peak but I think this aztec top could work for a casual go see a movie type date night, don’t you? It has yellow, pink and orange with a dash of black that is loud and festive. I personally like the gold bar across the chest, very structured. Being this entire outfit is from Deb Shops, I kept my pants simple with a soft pair of black leggings paired with lace up brown boots. These are super warm because they have faux fur on the inside, but I do like the edgy feel they give off.  I of course had to wear my Iken watch in black with a pink face; it was the perfect accessory next to these bold colors. For even more color, these neon drop earrings that blend with the shirt, are unique and fun, the pops of color are a must with a top like this. I also picked this Olivia and Joy purse with a chain strap, it is just the right yellow without making your eyes blurry. No jacket needed here, it’s sunny and this top should not be hidden! Lastly, I added waves to my hair with my 1 inch curler and chose a salmon color Button London lipgloss for a neon explosion. What do you think about this top?

He Said:

I wish I could turn the volume down on this shirt because it’s going to make me deaf it’s so loud. Nothing about this outfit is fantastic, her top is too loud, her pants are boring and the boots are just weird. The boots I just don’t get, why wear such a rough looking pair of boots tied up half way with yoga pants. Are these boots a new trend? Am I missing something here? And if it wasn’t an odd enough outfit why not throw in a neon yellow bag…
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