Shark Attack Talks... // Kim Kardashian's Baby Bump Fashion

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Since I'm stuck at home with a broken ankle and I can't take outfit pictures, I'm brainstorming non stop on how to keep updating the blog. Not that easy, believe me. And now you're probably thinking: "Kim Kardashian, what the f*ck?" Do let me explain before you rip me apart.

Yesterday, I started watching the new season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Yes, I'm a fan! Spare me the "They all are rich and famous for nothing"-crap, please. As for the sex tape... *yawn* Heard it about a bazillion times, don't care.

Anyway, in the first episode, Kim announces she's pregnant with Kanye's baby and... they're expecting a baby girl! I'm totally dying to know if the baby's name will start with a K too. She's due to deliver in July, so we'll know soon enough. We all know that Kim has had a lot to take during her pregnancy, her changing body on top of the list. She always had curves and I can kinda relate to her because I have them too, especially in the 'bum area'. I had a hard time dealing with it - I've been called 'duck ass' for years - but I finally accepted the fact that I'll never be skinny and that my boo-tay is a part of me. So it really bothers me to read all the awful and mean comments about Kim's weight. No one should be judged about his or her weight or body, never ever. SHE'S PREGNANT, PEOPLE. Already being curvy + gaining more curves = CURVES. Do the math. It's very sad that a woman isn't able to enjoy her pregnancy because some people find it necessary to criticise her body and clothes.

That's how I came up with this article. Admitted, Kim's mom to be outfits weren't always the best, but she seems to have found her baby bump style lately. Not that her stylish maternity outfits are getting any attention. No no, she's only getting tons of crap about her what-not-to-wear-when-you're-pregnant-outfits. BUT THAT'S GOING TO CHANGE RIGHT NOW, because I collected some of Kim's prettiest maternity outfits. Yes, they do exist! Curvy girls have got to stick together.


x Krizia

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This picture was taken during a Kardashian / Jenner-holiday in Greece. Now tell me, how on earth can you call this fat? She looks absolutely beautiful. I'm sorry, it just frustrates me and it's not even me that's pregnant. But since I know how it feels to be judged on your weight or body, I just had to write this article.

I made some collages about my personal fav's among Kim's pregnancy outfits. Yes, she has tons of money to look pretty, but it could still be inspiring for the mommy's to be among my readers (if I have any). I hope I can still wear heels when I'm pregnant - not that it'll happen anytime soon - because she's parading on them as if it was a piece of cake. Do you have a favorite?

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Images via US Weekly and Tumblr.


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