She Said His be styled. New Series

You asked, you Facebooked, you tweeted, you recommended. And we listened! We are starting a monthly series featuring His fashions - styled and photographed by me. Talk about a change of character He will be modeling and I will be behind the scenes. We hope you like this new approach and look forward to your feedback.

He Said:
My outfit today is something old and new mixed together. Believe it or not I loved this shirt when I purchased it and then immediately did not like it and didn’t wear it for years. Today I saw it in my closet and I thought I would try it on, and I love it now, I like the way it fits and it’s unique. The shorts I have had for awhile and I wear them all the time. Then there is my new favorite pair of shoes, I love these shoes they are so comfortable and even though they are red they always seem to look good with whatever I wear them with.

She Said:

I really love his look today. My favorite part is his shirt; it reminds me of his hometown in Nebraska. He looks like a hot mechanic that is taking his lunch break. Those red shoes are trendy and stand out, love how they look with the shorts as well as when he wears jeans. 

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